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Anna Schimkat - Photo : Patrick Lambin - INACT
              2018 Tatiana Karl Pez &
              Maya Mondragon - Photo : Patrick lambin - INACT 2018

THE THICKNESS OF TRANSPARENCY - 26th to 28th April 2019

INACT presents itself as an art performer meeting, organized in Strasbourg since 2011. This multi/inter-disciplinary  event will take place from 26th to 28th April 2019. We invite artists from all disciplines: musicians, visual artists, actors, dancers, poets who have projects related to performance or active representation, and which are in line with the theme of the upcoming festival: « The thickness of transparency ».

The association invites this year artists to propose workshops and interventions aimed at amateurs who would like to be initiated into the practices of performance, and whose workshop can lead to a representation or exhibition or not. Four artistic proposals will be selected from the open call in 2019.

In 2019, the festival INACT propose to artists to interrogate the Internets. Faced with the apparent accessibility of knowledge, the citizen is overwhelmed by contradictory information and caught in a vertigo ahead the immeasurability of their data. Paralyzed by this sudden profusion which promises universal knowledge and ultimate capacity, the citizen is distanced and manipulated by this new intelligence.

How to to approach, create and criticize this distance which immobilizes those infront of the controlling screen, contemplating the contradictions of the world ?


Fields of interest :

Real time, performance studies, sound art, video performance, poetry, re-inaction, improvisation, dance, culinary art, sound poetry, environment, document, cross-media, statement, urban intervention, augmented and virtuel reality, virtual performances

Gervais Tomadiatunga - Photo : Patrick lambin - INACT

Conditions :

-Maximum 20 minutes or duration (more than 2 hours without audience attention)
-Technical files : scene, perimeter of performance, sound, light.
-Budget production 200 € + travel costs + accomodation
-Artists invoice
The INACT festival would capture the performances of the artists and giving them back in the current year.

Fill the form :

Form INACT 2019

Send :

-detailed project
-technical sheet
-bio / cv / book

In ZIP file, named by your FirstnameName.


Deadline for submission of projects :


ESOC - Photo : Patrick
              Lambin - INACT 2018


In 2018, the INACT project was supported by :

- La ville de Strasbourg
- La Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de la région Grand Est
- La Région Grand Est
- Le Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin
- La société des auteurs dans les arts graphiques et plastiques
- La caisse des dépôts et consignation
- La Représentation Permanente de la Finlande auprès du Conseil de l’Europe